Leixlip Tidy Town Association

Leixlip Today

Leixlip retains much of the character of an estate town with the Main Street still the focus of the town with an array of protected structures including the Wonderful Barn as well as St. Catherine’s Park being important contributory visual features. Employment is particularly important in Leixlip with Hewlett Packard and Intel both located in the town.

The importance of such companies in Leixlip cannot be overstated both with respect to their positive knock on effects on Leixlip itself but also on County Kildare as a whole.

Our logo is based on “Meitheal”


Meitheal is the Irish name for a work group. Traditionally, the term referred to rural agricultural groups. The practice was, and is, for a group to come together to help each other in tasks such as hay or gathering for the harvest. Each person would help their neighbour who would in turn reciprocate.





Objectives of Leixlip Tidy Town Association

  • Improve the appearance of Leixlip and make it a nicer and cleaner place to live.
  • Encourage young people in schools and the community to get involved in our projects.
  • Liaise with all Residential Groups and KCC (Kildare County Council) to help advance our target.
  • Increase the number of volunteers in our association.
  • Encourage businesses to sponsor and support our activities.
  • Assist community groups and local businesses with projects where possible.
  • Raise awareness of wildlife and biodiversity, waste minimization and recycling.